Pooja Ghar

Are you wishing for greate spiritual connection with God?

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, emphasizes the importance of aligning the energy in your home to create a harmonious and spiritually uplifting environment. The Pooja Ghar or sacred space in your home is considered one of the most crucial areas where positive energy should be maximized to enhance your spiritual connection.
Temples often reflect the religious beliefs, artistic sensibilities, and historical contexts of the civilizations that built them. They are not just places of religious significance but also repositories of art, history, and culture. The architecture of temples, with its intricate designs, symbolisms, and attention to detail, showcases the craftsmanship and devotion of the artisans and builders who created them.

Pooja Direction

During prayers or rituals, face either the east or north direction. Avoid facing the south while performing Pooja.The direction for performing a pooja, or Hindu ritual ceremony, holds significant importance in Hindu culture. In general, many Hindu rituals and daily worship are conducted facing the east, as it symbolizes the rising sun, which represents the emergence of light and knowledge.

Altar Placement

 The Pooja altar or deity should be placed in the east or west of the Pooja room, with the idols or images facing either the east or west. Avoid   placing the altar on the north or south wall.


 Ideally, the Pooja room should be in the northeast or east quadrant of the house. The northeast is associated with the flow of positive   energy, making it the most auspicious location. If this is not possible, the north or north-east corners are also acceptable.

Pooja Room Shape

 It is best to have a Pooja room that is square or rectangular in shape. Irregular shapes should be avoided as they can disrupt the flow of   energy.

Pooja Room Entrance

The entrance to the Pooja room should face the east or north direction. Avoid placing it in the south direction as it is considered inauspicious.

Vastu Remedies

 If your house’s layout doesn’t permit an ideal Pooja room, you can use Vastu remedies such as using specific crystals or pyramids to correct   the energy flow.

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